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Parking Lot 3

screenshot of Parking Lot 3 game

Some people don't mind it, others hate it, and some even fail their driving tests because of it: parking is quite the sore subject for many, but it doesn't have to be. Parking Lot 3 is a parking game that's miles better than the rest. Work your way through various parking scenarios, manoeuvring accurately and carefully around the levels as you try to get your car in the allotted spaces without damaging it too much.

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3D Fire Fighter Parking

screenshot of 3d fire truck parking game

Being overly complimentary about too many games is a job for the middle-of-the-road gaming magazines out there that don't want to offend anyone; 3D Fire Fighter Parking is fairly poor, and I'm not afraid to say so. That doesn't preclude it from having some entertainment value however, since manoeuvring a cumbersome fire truck around tight streets with an insanely awkward mouse-controlled viewing angle actually turns out to be pretty darn fun. Try out Fire Truck Parking HD if you want a mobile equivalent for your troubles.

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Parking Perfection 5

screenshot of Parking Perfection 5 game

Fancy squeezing in some practice before you have to go and parallel park your car in town later on? Avoid embarrassment and somehow refine your real-life driving skills by playing Parking Perfection 5. A parking game with a steering mechanism to challenge even the veterans of the driving and parking genre, this game will put you through your parking paces and challenge you to get your car into a variety of parking spaces. 

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Parking Lot Madness

screenshot of Parking Lot Madness game

A majority of driving games fail to sort the men from the boys as it were, since they simply aren’t challenging enough to weed out those without the aptitude for driving due to their relatively low difficulty. Don’t worry: Parking Lot Madness doesn’t dare make the mistake of being too easy and lays a set of ultimate parking challenges for you to overcome, and though the levels are few in number, the quality and difficulty of the scenarios more than makes up for a lack of quantity. 

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Parking Perfection 7

It’s one thing to have a brilliant game to entertain the world with, but it is another thing entirely to bring out a sequel to the game that is at very least as successful and brilliant as its predecessor. Sequels very rarely live up to all of the hype that surrounds them, which is often created almost exclusively by fans of the game, film, or book based on very, very sparse and barely-confirmed information from the developers, producers, or authors themselves respectively. The thing is, people like me enjoy speculating about future titles because of sheer impatience mixed with a little bit of hope and sprinkled with the slightest dash of creativity on occasion. It is with this admission about myself and indeed warning about this short article’s contents that I forward the motion to speculate freely about Parking Perfection 7 in the hope that it will smash its predecessor, Parking Perfection 6, right out of the park (so to speak).

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