3D Fire Fighter Parking Game

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3D Fire Fighter Parking - Frustratingly quirky fire fighter parking that's simple but lacking elegance

Fighting Fire with Fire (Trucks)

Though parking cars sounds like pretty much the ultimate nightmare for most people, pop it in the context of a game on a computer or mobile phone and somehow you've got an entertaining experience. Somewhere between the stresses of the real road and those of the simulated one, tensions melt away and become frustrating persistence at the task in hand: to fake park a fake car like you've never fake parked before. It can get a little boring though can't it, simulating what we do in everyday life on the way to work? Well, unless you're driving a fire truck that is. Then there's less to be bored about, right? Playing 3D Fire Fighter Parking, a fairly unique game that allows you to slot a fire engine into parking spaces that are increasingly difficult to access - will sort this boredom right out.

The Only Fires Here Are Metaphorical

Your traditional parking game has you handling pretty standard cars into fairly open spaces most of the time, and this is why 3D Fire Fighter Parking may just be the change in scenery you need when you get a little tired of the relatively tame offerings of Parking Perfection and Vintage Car Parking. As the title suggests, you get to drive around a fire truck and park it in various zones, and all whilst avoiding even the most minor of collisions, which the game looks down upon with such vigour that even the slightest graze against a building will have the level terminate and cause you to have to start again.

Sounds pretty harsh, no? Well, no actually, since any more lenient and the game would be quite boring. What is harsh is the fact that instead of having a fixed viewing angle like in most other parking games, 3D Fire Fighter Parking has a camera looking over the car in the third-person perspective, but one that is entirely controlled with the mouse. Move the mouse around a little on the game and you'll see what I mean: it can be quite frustrating at first, but in its defence it does let you view things from pretty much all angles, that is if you can work out a way to make these angles happen without crashing into something first.

Standard Procedure, Nonstandard Viewing Angles

Other than the mouse-controlled viewing angles, everything it pretty much standard procedure for a parking game, feeling like your standard titles (even Parking Mania for the iPhone is fairly similar). You simply use the directional arrows to control the vehicle, driving it around the streets until you find the designated parking zone, at which point you must park the truck and simply move on to the next level. This procedure sure sounds easy to explain here, but in practice it's a little tougher.

What makes it tough is that you're manoeuvring through some fairly tight streets and as the level goes on these only get tighter. As mentioned above, even the slightest scrape on the surrounding buildings or other objects will result in the level ending and you having to do it all again, so you must be very careful when controlling the fire truck.

Stupendously Silly, But Somehow Works

There's really no redeeming factor when it comes to the viewing angles: the mouse-controlled system is quite ridiculous and feels like something that would get utterly ridiculed in a very Top Gear fashion if it weren't so  completely lacking in irony. This means that someone thought that the system would actually be beneficial in some way, a misjudgement that's almost unforgivable, but not quite. This is still an entertaining game in spite of it s flaws, mainly because the viewing angles are so damn challenging. Give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.