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Parking Lot 3 - Yet more sublime parking action that's one level greater than the rest

Greatness Is Sometimes an Objective Property

It would be great if all games we equal in terms of greatness, but the fact is that they simply aren't. You've got games that are incredible such as The Last of Us and pretty much any Half-Life title, and then there's ones that just don't cut it, such as Duke Nukem Forever and Hellboy. The same principle applies for parking games as well. The genre's a pretty specific one, but this doesn't mean that the games within it aren't varied in their approach; this also means they are varied in quality. Parking Lot is a series of games that are simply better than the competition, and Parking Lot 3 is the ultimate proof of this superiority.

For those that aren't massively familiar with the extremely niche genre of parking games, they're pretty much as they sound: titles that offer up the challenge of parking a variety of vehicles in myriad of manners, from a simple car into an open space to trucks and even planes in games such as Airplane Parking. Parking Lot 3 is a title that keeps it fairly simple in the vehicle department, giving you just one car to play through the game with, though don't mistake this simplicity with easiness: this game's got some scenarios to challenge and at times frustrate.

Simple, But Not For Long

You begin in the usual manner with the game giving you a run down on the basics: movement arrows to control the direction of the car, the spacebar to allow you to apply the parking brake, and well, that's pretty much it. Level 1 begins with just slotting the car into the designated space (always marked with a black/yellow hazard box) and moving on. You'll soon realise that there is more to the game: icy conditions, foggy surroundings, moving vehicles, and potholes are just some of the things you have to avoid. Why do you have to avoid them you say? Well, you vehicle's got a health bar that you must avoid depleting; once it's depleted, you lose and must start over.

If you're an iPhone user, you may be familiar with the whole premise and general feel of Parking Lot 3 as it's pretty similar to Parking Frenzy 2.0, only a little less polished and with a little less content in terms of levels to offer. Don't worry though: Parking Lot 3 is better since you don't have to own a mobile device in order to play it, which is always a bonus.

It's Not All Plain Drifting

Ok so we've established that Parking Lot 3 is fairly entertaining, but what about its downsides? Well, compared to other games like Busman Parking 3D, it's pretty run-of-the-mill to say the least since you only get to drive a car, and in a pretty basic way as well. It would have been fun to have a bit of drifting or perhaps some stunts thrown in here and there. It's difficult to complain about the graphics however since they're adequate for the context, which is that of a fairly simple but challenging driving game. You're not exactly going to be immersed in the rich textures and gripping action of Grid 2, but it's decent enough. It's also not going to win any awards or make any Top 10 lists, but it's easy to pick up and pretty challenging to complete, which is all anyone wants from a flash game, right?