Parking Lot Madness Game

Parking Lot Madness – If you thought real-life parking was tough, just try this devilishly challenging parking sim

Bittersweet Symphony

It’s perfectly practical to own your own car. You can avoid public transport and be the master of your own travels, you can make unplanned excursions to obscure places that are only connected to the world by several train journeys and a twice-daily bus, and you can even have a cheeky little race if you feel a little daring. People don’t think of the downsides to driving, however: the cost of fuel; the ridiculous insurance prices; sitting in traffic for hours upon hours of your life; even parking can be an absolute chore that can turn a good day into a terrible one. You wouldn’t think it when considering how boring parking is in real life, but Parking Lot Madness is a parking game that may actually change your opinion on the otherwise unbearable activity. In this short-but-bittersweet title you get to take the wheel for five unreasonably challenging levels that will test your spatial awareness and handling of a virtual vehicle to the very limits, with the “bittersweet” description being on account of the unrelentingly high difficult throughout.

Forget the Tutorial

Trying to park your car under pressure of fellow drivers looking on at you in hope that you fail is one thing, but Parking Lot Madness takes it to a whole new level. There are no observers putting pressure on you with their gazes, and certainly no endless looping of tracks as in racing games like Gran Turismo: the aim is to park the car in the indicated space in order to complete each level. All you have to do is use the directional arrows to control the car’s movement and the space bar in order to brake swiftly. This may sound simple enough, but we’re not talking about simple reversing around corners or a particularly tricky parallel park here, but a mini obstacle course that puts the maximum amount of pressure on you from the very beginning. No simple levels to ease you in, no tutorials to get you acquainted, just absolute parking madness that simply doesn’t relent in its challenging nature from start to finish.

Pressure Parking

There are a few important details that I haven’t mentioned yet, and it’s as if I purposely didn’t mention them until now just for effect (which is pretty devious if you ask me). Firstly, each level has a set time limit that counts down to zero, and let me tell you that every second counts. The time limits are such that you will likely be approaching the destination parking space with very little time to spare, if any. The second stipulation to your parking success is the fact that you must travel around the whole area avoiding cars, cones, and other objects in the knowledge that it’s a one-fault failure policy. One touch on another car, one graze of a cone, and one slight snick on the external borders at the edge of the screen, and it’s game over. Think of it as a real-life driving test, where every mistake is a major.

Evaluatory Remarks

Parking Lot Madness quite obviously isn’t a flashy game with the visual impressiveness of say the Parking Lot Madness series, but you’d better believe it makes up for visual shortcomings with its level of sheer difficulty, challenging you to the maximum and forcing you to make every second, every manoeuvre, and  every turn count. Though it feels a little bug-riddled and is remarkably short at only 5 levels long, its unforgiving yet simply-designed nature makes it more addictive than you could ever imagine.