Parking Perfection 5 Game

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Parking Perfection 5 – Not just your average game of pressure-filled car parking chaos

Parking Rep

I don’t think there are many people that can say they have achieved the perfect parking manoeuvre; if they did, then they would be flat-out lying to you. Many have pulled off some spectacular feats of vehicular positioning in their time, I’m sure, but there’s always a minor flaw: the tail of the car probably poked out a little, you may have slowed traffic down for an unreasonable amount of time just to park your car, or perhaps the physical side of your parking was absolutely perfect but you went and parked in a residents-only permit area, didn’t you?. The perfect park is generally as elusive as Justin Bieber’s singing voice and manhood, but you shouldn’t let that get you down since Parking Perfection 5 is waiting eagerly on this very corner of the internet to allow you to get your parking skills on, refining them to absolute perfection and challenging you to slot in a corker under pressure of time and the requirement of achieving parking perfection. This isn’t your driving test, this is much more important: your flash-based parking reputation is on the line.

Standard on the Surface

The only way to defend and maintain the aforementioned parking reputation for yourself is to manoeuvre your wonderfully purple car into the designated parking spot in each of the ten levels available for your exploration. Your car has the standard movement controls on the face of it, with the directional arrows allowing you to move the car and the spacebar allowing you to brake swiftly and rapidly. The twist in this game doesn’t come from outrageously difficult parking situations as in Parking Lot Madness, but instead comes from the way in which you control the movement of the car. More specifically, it is the way in which you steer the car that separates Parking Lot Perfection 5 from the rest of the driving titles out there.

Steer Crazy

It may take you a few goes when you begin playing the game in order to get to grips with its unusual steering mechanic in which you control the movement of the front wheels only, using the left and right directional arrows to do so. This means that instead of the car being a slave to your directional arrows, you must carefully manoeuvre the front wheels in advance of your manoeuvres, making you think ahead a little and requiring you to sometimes stop and think exactly where your car will travel if you move the wheels in any particular direction. It is this unusual mechanism that both differentiates Mousebreaker’s Parking Lot Madness series from its parking game competitors and also requires you to master a skill that you otherwise wouldn’t even have to think about in other parking games.

Parking Perfection 5 has to be one of the greatest parking games out there in terms of sheer innovation in movement mechanics, though it isn’t like this mechanic hasn’t been done before, and to beginners it will feel unnecessarily fiddly and may even put off some players that are simply looking to get on with things without thinking about them too much. The graphics are respectable though aren’t really that impressive compared even to other simple games like Parking Lot, which also happens to have a similar steering mechanic as well. Mousebreaker’s games always seem to stand out from the pack, however, and the fact that there are a total of six games in the series proves that their unique take on the parking game genre has longevity beyond most other games.